Media Training

We believe that crisis communication training is important for employees at every level. In fact, we believe it’s so important that we include it within all of our crisis response contracts and regularly provide it as a standalone service.

Our trainers are also our crisis responders which ensures that we are continually integrating new material and examples from recent incidents.We prepare training programme participants to deal with the newest challenges facing our sector.

Our team includes award winning presenters and we consistently receive exceptional reviews from participants. All of our courses include a combination of theory and practical components that are specifically tailored to your company and the experience levels of the participants.

Training for Senior Management

Crisis and media management including social media; how to face public & media inquiries; releasing an initial statement and practical training with TV crew.

Training for Office Support Staff (e.g. Receptionists, Secretaries)

How to answer and prioritize calls, recording caller’s details.

Training for Masters & Senior Ships’ Officers

Dealing with intrusive media calls, handling initial statements.

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