Helix Media merges with Navigate PR and joins the Witt O’Brien’s family, expanding corporate communications solutions in the maritime industry

Helix Media, a leading maritime PR firm based in Singapore, has been working closely with Navigate PR for many years, and is excited to announce it’s merging with Navigate PR and joining the Witt O’Brien’s family, a leading crisis and emergency management consulting firm in both the public and private sectors, based in the U.S.

Witt O’Brien’s, part of the SEACOR family of businesses, has been an innovator and leader in the maritime industry for 35 years.

We will become Navigate, a Witt O’Brien’s company, with a presence in Singapore, London and Houston.

What does this acquisition mean for our clients?
There will be no disruption to the services you are already receiving. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be integrating the London and Singapore teams to provide our clients with seamless international support. Ed Ion will continue to lead the Singapore-based team.

We’re truly excited that our footprint has grown with the addition of a presence in the US based in Houston and Washington. This means that Helix can now offer its clients increased global support.

What does this acquisition mean for us?
Our team is now part of the Witt O’Brien’s family. We will operate as Navigate, a Witt O’Brien’s Company, using the endorsed logo shown here.

Navigate WOB

Our founders will continue to lead their existing practices post-acquisition.

Our story continues…
We set out to provide corporate communications and media services for our maritime and corporate clients many years ago. Helping our clients with their ongoing corporate communications and brand management enables them to focus on running their operations more effectively and becoming more resilient to mitigate and avoid risks from crises or emergencies. Joining forces with a company as passionate about building resiliency for clients is what takes us into this next chapter of our storybook with Witt O’Brien’s.

While our initial focus will remain in the maritime industry, we see huge potential to expand our firms’ combined offerings in both the private and public sectors.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for entrusting us to be your corporate communications. We’re delighted to join the Witt O’Brien’s family of businesses.

We look forward to this next chapter and our commitment to our clients is stronger than ever!

To read the acquisition press release, click HERE.

To contact us with questions or to learn more about this merger and our full suite of solutions, reach us at enquiries@navigatepr.com.

With You When It Counts.

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