Markel Asia – an insurer

The Challenge

Markel, a company on the Lloyd’s Asia insurance platform, aimed to grow its business across the Asia Pacific and raise its profile in key insurance markets in the region. It needed to be close to its circle of business producing brokers but it also aimed to connect with the ultimate buyers of its products, corporates who purchase insurance cover.

The task was to help to keep the company in the mind of brokers, explain its ambition in the region and the value of the products on offer. It also wished to connect to the end users of the products in a more direct and meaningful way.

What We Did/How Helix Helped

Working with the senior Markel management in both Singapore and London, Helix created a portfolio of activities ranging from media engagement, through to seminars, a broker audit and a series meetings aimed at highlighting the company’s underwriting expertise, its ability to pay claims quickly and efficiently as well as its financial strength being part of a larger insurance group.

The Outcome

Helix worked with Markel over a period of five years to build a higher profile for the group as it expanded its Asian footprint. Via constant activity and ideas generation, the group is now one of the foremost syndicates on the Lloyd’s Asia underwriting platform with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Malaysia. Helix engages with selected business and specialist media on a range of topics highlighting the in-depth underwriting expertise. The percentage of premium income derived from Asia Pacific as a percentage of total premium income has continued to grow during that time and the company now has deep roots in the region.

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Edward Ion

Managing Director