Looking ahead to the rest of 2017

They say shipping and insurance are deeply cyclical businesses and this is correct.

At Helix PR, our team understands the cycles of these industries better than many and so we plan our calendars and work schedules to fit.

As we look ahead to the rest of this year, there are many events and gatherings we shall be taking part in all over the world.

In June we shall be at the annual conference of Deputy Registrars of the Maritime Cook Island (MCI) ship registry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This event will focus on MCI’s vibrant yacht registry which has grown significantly in recent years. As a major yachting centre, we are looking forward to meeting old friends and some new ones in Florida.

September October and November are also frantic months for Helix PR. We will be attending the now annual Singapore International Reinsurance Convention (SIRC) at the end of October – a meeting which has become crucial for contract renewals in the various regional markets.

In November we host our own media crisis management seminar in Hong Kong and then in December there is Marinetech China, one of the world’s biggest shipping and maritime shows, held in Shanghai.

So if you see us, do come up and say hello – we hope to see you at these events during the rest of the year.

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