La Spezia Container Terminal – a container terminal operator

The Challenge

La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) is a gateway port in Italy managed by Contship Italia. Contship Italia wished to raise awareness and promote the benefits of La Spezia Homeport as the gateway to Northern Italy and its main cargo corridors to the Asian markets. The company wanted to promote the concept that La Spezia Container Terminal is a viable alternative for southern and central Europe for leading players in the region’s supply chain sector.

Due to cultural differences and language barriers, it was very challenging for the Italian team to engage with people in Asia especially in China.

What We Did/How Helix Helped

Helix utilised our network and language capabilities to build the bridge for our client to connect with their potential customers in Asia region. We also helped to overcome the challenge of cultural and time differences through our multi-racial and multi lingual team. We assisted Contship Italia in organising roadshows to promote and create awareness among shipping leaders in Asia on the attractive features of LSCT. Helix took up the responsibilities from the planning stage to post event management. This includes content advisory, language supports, guests’ invitation and logistics management.

The Outcome

Helix has now successfully organised several roadshows which have given Contship Italia the opportunity to have close-up engagement with Asian shipping leaders. The cities that visited include Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao, Ningbo, Seoul and Singapore.

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