IR Class – a classification society

The Challenge

IRClass, a classification society, was a member of the respected International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). While not one of largest members, the registry had nurtured a formidable platform of technical expertise able to tackle the most complex and demanding kinds of classification work for ship owners and ship yards. But the society was perceived in the market as being insufficiently ‘international’ in its outlook and too dependent on one or two big owners in its domestic market.

The organisation had a great international story to tell, but it lacked the right channels through which to convey it. It further lacked the necessary influence in key overseas maritime markets to make the right kind of business breakthrough in the major shipping centres.

What We Did/How Helix Helped

Helix embarked upon an ambitious campaign of profile raising in the key ‘influencer’ shipping markets on behalf of IRClass. This campaign is on-going. Working with its top management at its Mumbai headquarters, Helix was responsible for remodelling the way in which the company promoted itself. This ranged from media engagement through to organising private meetings with owners and other key organisations in the territories in which the society wished to have a higher profile. It also included the setting up of an advisory panel of senior shipping executives in overseas market which assists with high level strategy issues and market intelligence gathering. 

The Outcome

IRClass has enjoyed a sustained period of expansion and success in the past few years despite continuously challenging times for the global shipping industry. It has gained recognition from many countries and has been granted Recognised Organisation (RO) status.

It has significantly expanded its overseas footprint and has won single class business from several overseas owners. IRClass is now a regular contributor to international conferences and exhibitions and its senior management are in high demand in their role as industry experts offering their advisory and expertise across a range of important shipping industry issues.

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Edward Ion

Managing Director

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