Before 2017 ends..

What a crazy few months these have been!

Friends from outside the industry always ask me – oh so is the market very slow/quiet? Is there still PR work to be done for your shipping clients?

Quiet? Quite the contrary! Our clients are all in the game for the long term so for most of them – this is not the first time that they are facing such shi**y times.  From these professionals’ point of view – this is actually the best time to assess their competitiveness, consolidate resources and really – reflect internally to see how they can do things more efficiently and effectively.

Cliche I know – but it works.

On top of supporting our current pool of clients – Helix has been busy too, growing our client base and we are proud to share – we have picked up two new clients, both of which we are super excited to work with!  It is still early days to share results but certainly, I hope to share more when we have concrete stuff planned ahead for them!

Just as what our clients are doing, Helix has also just had our Strategies Day away from the office and away from our emails to really think about the future of Helix and the how-tos of achieving so. It was a good day of brainstorming, discussions and feedback with the day ending on a luxurious boat trip around Singapore – supplemented with delicious BBQ food and tons of drinks.

With two months left in this year – we still have a few more goals to get across the line (my boss will be so proud of my soccer analogy).  It’s all heads’ down now and let’s plow on to make this a fantastic 2017!

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