Wanted: Senior PR Consultant

We are hiring!

We are a specialist PR consultancy that focuses only on maritime and insurance and if the subjects scare you – then maybe this role is not for you.

If not, then read on.

This job is for someone who may not have a deep understanding of the subject but is very curious and is keen to learn more about it.¬† I’m not saying you have to eat, sleep and dream shipping. That is honestly a little TOO weird. But if you’re genuinely¬†curious – you would take proactive steps to learn, find out more about the subject and speak to people who understand the topic. Shipping PR is not too hard to grasp – it is honestly quite interesting!

Do you know that shipping is the backbone of global trade?

Almost 90 percent of everything we buy arrives by ship. All your online shopping? Yup – say thank you to those massive containerships.

You should also be a self-starter who is able to work in teams for big projects and work independently when leading your own client accounts. The ability to take stress is also a huge factor as – hey, we’re an agency and when things are heating up – it gets crazy.

We are a team of friendly people (misrepresentation here GM) – some cat lovers, some not, some young and some even younger. We complement one another in our strengths and well – you’ll just have to join us to find out won’t you?

If you’re the missing piece we have been looking for – please apply for this job on our career page or …

Just drop our friendly GM a note with your resume at valerie.lim@helixpr.asia.

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