Helix Media …. Becomes Helix PR

It’s been a little while coming but you will see from this website that we’ve undergone a slight image change and brand refresher.

This has produced our new website and a name change … from Helix Media to Helix PR.

Why have we done this now?

First of all, we wanted to clearly state what we do which is public relations, corporate communication and marketing work for the maritime, insurance and related industries.  We also wanted to be instantly recognisable as a leading agency specialising in this field.

We have also done this because we want to have greater continuity in the dialogue we have with our markets and the customers we serve. In other words, we will be part of the conversation.

We hope our new, easy to read and navigate site will describe what we do in clear and simple terms without the usual PR-speak which we know turns so many people off in our sectors.

We promise we shall communicate regularly with news about Helix PR, our views on industry trends and events and what is going on in the dynamic markets we cover.

As a PR firm based in the heart of Asia, we believe our region will continue to set the pace for world trade and the global economy for many years to come.

We see exciting and significant changes everywhere as companies react to political, social and economic shifts.

These shifts will inevitably produce opportunities for the bold and the brave.

Helix PR will be here to help our clients create the circumstances for change and then help them execute those changes.

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Ed 1

Edward Ion

Managing Director

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