Sea Asia 2013 Day Two Continues to See Surge of Visitors; Ship Finance Session a Major Draw As Owner Calls On Banks to R...

Helix PR 10 April 2013

Thousands of Shipping Executives Attend SEA ASIA 2013 So Far; Event Expected to Break All Records by its Close Tomorrow

Helix PR 10 April 2013

Asia’s Leading Maritime Gathering Opens with Sparkling Ceremony: Senior Business Leaders Gather to Discuss Key Sector ...

Helix PR 09 April 2013

Bulk Markets: Consequences of Over-Capacity

Helix PR 09 April 2013

Maritime Industry Poised to Make Headway at Sea Asia 2013

Helix PR 08 April 2013

LOC Doubles Size in Hong Kong

Helix PR 05 April 2013

Shipping Industry Leaders Upbeat on Sector Outlook Ahead of SEA ASIA 2013

Helix PR 28 March 2013

Royal Norwegian Embassy announces summit on Asia’s offshore exploration and production

Helix PR 26 March 2013

Strategic Marine to build key patrol vessel for Australian territory

Helix PR 21 March 2013

Thome Group’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations in Bangkok, Thailand

Helix PR 20 March 2013

Thome Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Olav Eek Thorstensen Wins the Annual NBAS Award

Helix PR 11 March 2013

Offshore Prospects Remain Strong

Helix PR 07 March 2013

London Offshore Consultants expands in Asia

Helix PR 05 March 2013

Strategic Marine moves into alternative energy service sector

Helix PR 26 February 2013

Challenges for maritime in a season of uncertainty

Helix PR 18 February 2013

Jaya delivers with Pride

Helix PR 07 February 2013

Jaya reports Net Profit of US$6.5 million for the second quarter ended 31 December 2012; Announces interim dividend

Helix PR 07 February 2013

Hong Kong advisers hold high hopes for China in 2013

Helix PR 07 February 2013

Celebrating 50 Years of Cutting Edge Maritime Services

Helix PR 04 February 2013

IHC Merwede introduces new IHC Packhorse™ offshore support vessels

Helix PR 29 January 2013